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Other Mother

Let's skip the pleasantries, I'll be blunt, shall I?

I have to censor myself constantly. I teach high school and I have two small kids at home, so my brain was already maxed out, and then my father in law died and the world stopped.

I took a few weeks off work to sit with this new reality and I needed to do something. I feel so lost without this person in the world,

I am no great writer and I am not going to use Chat GPT for any of these posts because I think that will be used enough in every other part of our lives. Why am I doing this? Because everything is so fucking polished. Everything is edited to look so clean. Life isn't fucking clean. I wanted to create a space where I could express myself and share my stories. I need an anonymous space where I can be creative and odd and honest. I have over 10 years of teaching to my name and over 4 years of being a parent, so I'm not completely full of shit. If no one every reads any of this, that's OK. It brings me joy. If you do want to join me on this site, I would love to have you. I am not granola, I'm not beige. I was the kid who had more imaginary friends than real ones. I was the one obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera and Sailor Moon. I love my life, but I need a space to talk about those things that do not come up at the dinner table. I need a space where I can share my ideas and maybe open my own business so I can plan my exit from teaching.

I have spent more of my life in my head than in the real world. Maybe this is the solution. Maybe this will shut the other mother up.

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